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Monday, 12 December 2016

Grateful Father No Longer in Crisis

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People from all backgrounds come to Catholic Charities for help. Often, these people have circumstances that happen beyond their control. When in desperate times, the joy of finding someone who can help makes all the difference in the world. Fernando Macias found himself in tough spot and came upon Catholic Charities. Now on better ground, he wrote the following letter.

My name is Fernando Macias. I would like to relate a story of my connection with Verde Villa’s manager Kristy Enricco.

My 11-year-old daughter and I came to Verde Villa’s from being in a housing crisis situation. Our situation was extreme, even though I was working, we were unable to secure housing due to the initial money it required to secure an apartment.

We were staying in motels, sleeping in my car and even camping in Payson, Ariz. Through the help of community resources at my daughter’s school, I was put in contact with Catholic Charities.

Through Catholic Charities, Kristy Enricco worked with us to find an apartment at Catholic Charities housing community, Verde Villas.

After two weeks at Verde Villas, I was in a car accident where my car was totaled and impounded. I was hospitalized and lost my job.  As a result of the above, the following took place: Kristy worked with me trying to see if there was anything to be done in regards to my car, unemployment, working with state and federal agencies and my resume. Kristy showed compassion and empathy when listening to my situation and how she could help.

First, she called the impound lot where my car was and even though nothing could be done, she did all she could. Second, she helped me file for unemployment and apply for food vouchers. She did this by helping me fill out applications and by making phone calls with me to these agencies. She is an excellent listener and savvy on how these agencies work. While we were on the phone with these agencies, she was an advocate on my behalf. While certain situations took some tack on the phone, she was aggressive when it needed to take place. She basically looked out for any blind spots that could impact my situation.

Next, she helped me work on my resume and I was able to secure employment within a few weeks. As a result of being guided by Kristy’s leadership, my life has turned around.

Kristy has a strong sense of community and helping. She should be recognized for her hard work. Now, I have the opportunity to give back and support those who have had it so hard.

Sincerely, Fernando Macias

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