Catholic Charities Diversion program offer those arrested for prostitution the opportunity to avoid jail time. Offenders attend intense education to divert them from re-offending.

Run in conjunction with the City of Phoenix Prosecutor’s Office, our program provides ...

  • 36 hours of self-exploration and education to develop self esteem  
  • Rehabilitation services including support, education and treatment to escape prostitution
  • Job placement assistance  
  • Charges dismissed with completion of the program

86 percent of those who completed the Catholic Charities DIGNITY Diversion program did not re-offend -City of Phoenix Prosecutor’s Office study

Melissa's Story

“Melissa” couldn’t keep a job and sold or traded everything she had for drugs. Living on the streets, the only thing she had left was her body. She began trading sex for a place to stay and for drugs. At age 31, Melissa had spent 20 days on the streets. “If I didn’t get out I knew I would go to prison or die,” Melissa said.

Melissa got referred to Catholic Charities Diversion program for sex-trafficked survivors—and the rest of her story is amazing.

She never went back to prostitution and stayed sober for more than five years. She’s now finishing up her bachelor’s degree and has plans for a career in marketing. She says, “I can do anything, the sky is the limit. I spent so much of my life…living in fear and bondage, but now I strive to achieve excellence in everything I do.”

Melissa visits Catholic Charities Diversion program and speaks at the graduation ceremony regularly.

Melissa said, “Catholic Charities saved my life, I’m eternally grateful.”

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Catholic Charities Diversion Program

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