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Thursday, 11 June 2020

Single Mother Thrives After Being Homeless

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In early 2016, Kayla was homeless. Her twin boys had been placed in foster care and she was pregnant with her third child.
Desperate and alone, Kayla went to Catholic Charities in Cottonwood for help. She found a case manager that would support her along the way.

Finding Safe Housing

Kayla qualified for transitional housing. She needed a safe place to live. Transitional housing is typically a short-term housing situation, in which the person shares a home with other people while working toward getting permanent housing. Kayla knew this place would be temporary, but it allowed her time to stabilize and take care of herself. Soon, her baby was born.

About a month after having her baby, Kayla’s case manager found a trailer for them in Prescott.  She was approved for the Permanent Supportive Housing program and relocated to Prescott to start her life over in July 2016. Permanent Supportive Housing is a program for our clients who have experienced chronic homelessness and have a qualifying disability.  In this program, the client is only required to pay up to 30% of their income and, if the client doesn’t have income, they do not have to pay rent. 

Growing Family

Kayla continued to work to improve her situation. She was later reunified with her other two children. Kayla’s small trailer was proving to be too small now that the family was back together. Kayla’s case manager started trying to find her family a bigger place to call home. 

In February 2018, Kayla and her children moved into a 2-bedroom duplex in Prescott. It was perfect and even had a large fenced yard, jungle-gym for the kids and was in a family-friendly neighborhood. Kayla was excitedly expecting her fourth child, a daughter!

Creating a Stable Future

Kayla decided it was time to take the next step in maintaining a stable future for herself and her children, she enrolled in cosmetology school.  She has now graduated from that program and got a job at a local hair salon. 

Recently, Kayla applied for a three-bedroom apartment at a new low-income apartment complex in Prescott and was approved to move in this month!

“It’s rare to have someone enter the Permanent Supportive Housing program, accomplish so much while in the program and exit on such a positive note!  She’s an amazing inspiration to us all,” said Terri Young, Catholic Charities case manager. “To have so little and accomplish so much after being housed is truly inspirational to us all! 

The Catholic Charities team is impressed with Kayla’s hard word and positive outlook on life.


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