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Arizona Foster Care
Charitable Giving Tax Credit

Be a Tax Credit Champion.

You can benefit from the State of Arizona Foster Care Charitable Giving Tax Credit! 

You’ll help us make miracles in the community and permanently improve lives. If you would prefer to write a check, please DOWNLOAD THIS FORM and send with your check payable to Catholic Charities Community Services.

You can receive a dollar-for-dollar Arizona tax credit for your donation to Catholic Charities and stack it with other types of tax credits, up to $500 individually or $1,000 if filed jointly. This is different than a tax deduction.

Learn more by watching the video and downloading the 10-page booklet.

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What is an Arizona Tax Credit?

The State of Arizona allows you to claim tax credits, not only for donations to public and private schools, but for donations to non-profit organizations that support foster children and families and provide programs that impact the struggling in our communities.

This means you get the money refunded to you during tax time or you can use it as a credit to pay your taxes.

In the past, your gifts to Catholic Charities were eligible for The Charitable Giving/Working Poor Tax Credit, we are now a Foster Care Charitable Giving tax credit organization.

That means when you donate up to $500 (single filer) and $1,000 (joint filer) to Catholic Charities, you may be eligible for the State of Arizona Foster Care Charitable Giving Tax Credit. You can claim these credits in addition to any private, charitable giving or public school tax credits.

With the tax credits, you receive a dollar-to-dollar Arizona tax credit, which means you either get the money refunded during tax time or can use it to pay your Arizona taxes. 

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