Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

Fact-Based Education in Maricopa County

Teens today have a powerful tool at their disposal that past generations never had—the internet. They can get an answer to any question, including questions about sex. However, being tech-savvy will not protect teens from misinformation about sex. North Star Youth Partnership’s Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) encourages teens to approach the topic of sex with facts rather than embarrassment.

The SRAE program provides free, medically accurate, inclusive sex education to Maricopa County students in grades six through 12. Parent permission is required, and parents are encouraged to review the curricula before classes begin.

Evidenced-Based Curricula

Our curricula are evidence-based, non-stigmatizing and approved by both the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. North Star Youth Partnership helps educate teens about critical aspects of their health so that they:

  • Gain awareness about the changes associated with puberty
  • Understand the benefits of sexual risk avoidance
  • Understand the risks of sexual activity
  • Learn how to make positive, healthy choices.

SRAE goes beyond basic sex education and empowers students through discussions about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, setting boundaries, self-esteem, goal setting, decision-making, and avoiding other risk-taking behaviors.

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