Help with Housing for Homeless Individual and Families

There are a variety of reasons why a person might experience homelessness, including loss of employment, disability, domestic violence, substance use, or a combination of these factors. Catholic Charities has programs throughout Northern Arizona to help those experiencing homelessness find safe, stable, affordable housing. *Note: Some services may not be available in all counties or cities.

Homeless Helpline | Service Through Coordinated Entry

Coordinated Entry is the required starting point for those experiencing homelessness in Northern Arizona to receive assistance. It is an interview and referral process that determines eligibility and access to the most appropriate housing assistance programs available. Interviews are usually conducted in person but may be conducted over the phone upon special request.

If you or your family is experiencing homelessness, check below to see Coordinated Entry contact information for your county or city:

  • Coconino County: Interviews are available through Catholic Charities or Flagstaff Shelter Services. For more information, contact Catholic Charities at 928-774-9125 or Flagstaff Shelter Services at 928-225-2533.
  • Prescott: 928-778-2531
  • Cottonwood: 928-634-4254
  • Mohave County: 928-758-4872
  • Navajo & Apache Counties: Catholic Charities conducts interviews for these counties through Coconino County. Please call 928-774-9125.

*Note: Coordinated Entry is NOT an emergency shelter service. For information about local emergency services, call 2-1-1.

Homesless Services

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