Youth Programs in Arizona

North Star Youth Partnership has life-changing youth programs in Central and Northern Arizona. Programs vary by location and age served.

Peer Assistance & Leadership (PAL) 

Available in Maricopa County and Yavapai County 

Teens learn skills through peer helping, leadership, mentoring, conflict resolution and community service. PAL provides effective training in resiliency strategies and addresses issues such as violence in schools, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, gang participation and dropping out of school.

Girl Talk Available in Yavapai County

High school teens provide weekly mentoring to middle school girls to increase a sense of belonging, support and acceptance. Girl Talk provides a safe environment where girls can learn new skills, participate in games and crafts projects and make new friends. Each week, the high school students (or Girl Talk Leaders) present a new lesson about topics such as friendship, gratitude and body image. 


North Star Youth Partnership conducts classes throughout the year that focus on safety and life skills. These classes are available in Central and Northern Arizona and take place over one or two days. Each participant is responsible for the cost of the class when signing up. Classes will be shared on the website and social media when enrollment opens. If you have a group that would be interested in the class, contact our team about scheduling. 

Baby...Ready or Not Available in Maricopa County and Yavapai County

Through care of an electronic infant simulator, teens get a taste of parental responsibilities by attending to the needs of the “baby.” They must feed, clothe and care for their assigned baby while keeping a journal to record their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

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