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Wednesday, 02 June 2021

Rental Assistance Lifts Burden for Mom of Two

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“It was like a message from the Lord himself,” Dina* said of the help she received from Catholic Charities.

The mother of two recently secured rental assistance through the Frances Cares Grant, which assists those who have past-due rent balances resulting from COVID-19. She is grateful she can provide a safe, comfortable home for her family without the anxiety and stress of financial burdens.

Keeping the Faith

Dina and her family know what it’s like to trust in God’s plan, even when it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After escaping an abusive relationship in 2013, she and her family found themselves living at an emergency shelter for women and children.

Dina was eager to start over and find a safe place to live. Unfortunately, she and her children ended up back at the shelter for another two years. But she refused to give up, confident that she could better herself and her situation.

Strength Through Perseverance

Following their stay at the shelter, Dina’s family was able to find permanent housing through Catholic Charities Housing Services. However, she struggled to make ends meet when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. When her case manager informed her she would be receiving rental assistance, she cried tears of joy and felt a huge weight lifted off her shoulders.

What touches her most is that her son and daughter realize there is a Heavenly Father providing for them, even after the tragedy they have endured. It’s comforting that her children know that God cares about them. Dina is grateful to all of the donors that have helped provide stability for her family and others.

A Change for the Better

Dina is proud of the mom she’s become and the role model she can be for her children. She says she’s received much more than just help with rent. In fact, she says, assistance from Catholic Charities is the reason why she is sober and loving life. No longer does she feel the need to cope using drugs and alcohol.

“You have such a hard time and you’re homeless for so long. The progress I’ve made is directly related to this program and it works. I know it works because I’m part of it and it’s working for me,” she said.

If you’d like to provide hope to families like Dina’s, check out all the ways you can give by donating, supplying needed items, or volunteering.

*Name was changed to protect client privacy.

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