Bethany Durham

Bethany Durham

Bethany Durham has a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a passion for storytelling. Her writing for Catholic Charities has included blogs, newspaper and magazine articles. She enjoys telling client stories in a way that captures the humanity and emotions of those she writes about. When she’s not working, Bethany loves to spend time with her two cats, hike and sing karaoke.

For Siti Mariam and her family, simple things like going outside are a celebrated privilege. Siti Mariam and her husband Jamal are Burmese, and would face persecution in Burma because they are Muslim.

When case manager Sheena Campos met Army veteran Kenny Marsh, he was experiencing homelessness with his service dog, an American Bully named Wraith.

Catholic Charities Foster Care and Adoption Programs helps families in Central and Northern Arizona become licensed and help provide safe and loving homes for children. Staff assist individuals and married couples throughout the licensing process and beyond.

Back in 2017, David and Marley had no idea that a test of their love and faith would bring an unexpected blessing. Shortly before their wedding, David was diagnosed with leukemia. Treatment would result in infertility for David, but their main priority was his health.

In 2009, David started a new life. He moved across the country to Arizona to help his mom’s family move. Sadly, David didn’t get the fresh start he was expecting.

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