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North Star Youth Partnership

If you’re passionate about supporting youth and teenagers as they navigate those awkward years— you’ll love North Star Youth Partnership.  Supporting parents and schools to engage teens—North Star connects teens to community service projects, opportunities to lead and mentor youth, new sports and other projects to increase their confidence.

North Star Youth Partnership has grown in the last 20 years into 15 programs in three Arizona counties (Maricopa, Yavapai, Coconino) partnering with more than 100 schools and organizations. The thousands of teenagers and youth who participate in these programs are gaining confidence, a vision for their future and achieving goals.

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How Does North Star Youth Partnership Work?

You and other partners have come alongside Catholic Charities’ North Star Youth Partnership program to help fund our work. Our work is successful because we focus on the positive. Coming alongside schools, non-profit organizations and parents, we help bridge gaps in communication and engagement. See how North Star does it!

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Learning Made Fun

See these 15 programs that are getting national attention for their innovation and effectiveness.

Who Started North Star?

Read about North Star founder Diane DeLong, who continues to lead it toward growth.