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"Like the Breakfast Club": Building Confidence in PAL

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Sidney Erdahl Sidney Erdahl

Sidney is fun, creative and artistic--but after she started school at Prescott High School last fall--she kept to herself.

As high school can be difficult to navigate, Sidney decided to be a part of PAL (Peer Assistance and Leadership) at her school. PAL is an award-winning, nationally recognized program that enables youth to make a difference in their lives, schools and communities.

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 “Along the way, I slowly started coming out of my shell and I felt more confident in myself with the support of our group and amazing mentor, Ginger,” said Sidney.

Ginger Campbell, a youth specialist with North Star Youth Partnership and PAL leader is enjoying how Sidney is developing sociallyl. “I couldn’t get a word out of Sidney at the beginning of the year, now she is a completely different person with so much more confidence in herself,” said Campbell.

Finding Pals in PAL

PAL provides a unique opportunity to build a support system within the club. Campbell encourages students to make wise choices and build healthy relationships. “PAL challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone and trust other people,” said Sidney. “In a way it reminds me of The Breakfast Club. We are a group of people who are so different from each other in status and interests. We met as strangers but we will leave as a group of friends.”

Sidney has also become involved in the school photography club. She has taken it upon herself to take photos and video of PAL activities.


“To me, the most beneficial part of PAL is interacting with other people that may be different but have the same aspirations to better the community, as well as ourselves,” said Sidney. “PAL taught me to be more confident in who I am as a person, to step out of my comfort zone and make a difference among my peers and community.”

Sidney plans to be a part of PAL next year as well and is excited to see what she will accomplish.

Learn more about PAL and North Star Youth Partnership and their other activites like the Priceless Prom Project, Teen Maze and Girl's Sports Day. 

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