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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Priceless Prom Project

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Did you watch Cinderella as a child? Can you imagine how the story would have been different if she wouldn’t have had a fairy god mother?Priceless Prom Project Prescott 5

Sadly, fairy god mothers are a thing of fiction but North Star Youth Partnership (NSYP) has the next best thing.

Priceless Prom Project

The Priceless Prom Project is a way for girls and guys to attend prom in style for free.

NSYP in partnership with Tri-City College Prep collect hundreds of dresses for area teens to have for prom.

Last year, “Leslie” a single mother of five, brought her daughter to the Priceless Prom Project. Leslie’s daughter had been asked to prom but she was secretly worried she wouldn’t be able to afford a dress. She heard about the Priceless Prom Project and felt her prayers had been answered. Her daughter found the perfect dress, shoes, purse and jewelry for free. They were both happy and grateful.

More than a Dress

As Cinderella would tell you, there is more to a great party than a dress. Teens can also choose jewelry, purses, and most importantly shoes.

Priceless Prom Project Prescott 3The Priceless Prom Project isn’t only for girls, boys can also choose from a selection of tuxedoes, suits, ties and more.

Prom is a rite of passage for teens. Many will look back and remember prom as the highlight of their time in high school. For some families the exorbitant cost of prom is too much and can easily be over $500.

The Priceless Prom project is a yearly labor of love. Students can come to the Bulleri Building in Prescott on specific dates and find something for prom. This event typically runs through the month of March with dates in early April.

PPP volunteers Prescott

This wouldn’t be possible without many volunteers and generous people who donate all of the clothing, accessories and shoes.

Prom Night

Take a moment and enjoy a few photos from prom. These photos were take by Milliken Photography.

Priceless Prom Project Prescott NSYP

Priceless Prom Project Prescott NSYP

Priceless Prom Project Prescott NSYP

Learn More

For more information about this project contact Krystal Koons at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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