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Thursday, 28 April 2022

Volunteers Help Teens Build Confidence

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Teens' Closet Volunteers: Louise Storvick, Margi Tays and Lisa Henderson. Teens' Closet Volunteers: Louise Storvick, Margi Tays and Lisa Henderson.

Teens’ Closet may seem like a small program, but it makes a big impact for teens in the Prescott area. In addition to providing new clothing to teens in financial need for free, it also provides teens with additional resources like hygiene items and assistance with interviewing skills, resume building, college and scholarship applications and more.
Thankfully, Teens’ Closet has a team of volunteers to help ensure resources are available to meet these needs.

Boutique Shopping Experience

“One of the nicest things about volunteering at Teens' Closet is that almost everyone leaves feeling a little better than they felt when they came in,” said Margi. Clothes are arranged just like they would be in a store, teens can choose their own clothes or get help from volunteers and try on their items to make sure they fit.

Margi has a lot of great memories serving at Teens’ Closet. “One girl looked around a little, then she said, ‘These are all new clothes!’ She was very excited and told me she had never had new clothes before.” Teens can shop every other month which helps growing teens have weather appropriate clothes available all year.

Satisfaction in Volunteering

Volunteers like Margi, Louise and Lisa see teens transform before their very eyes. Teens come in apprehensive and shy but become confident when they find new clothes that fit perfectly. It’s a rewarding experience for everyone involved. “I like to think that I am a small part of making the lives of these teens better. They deserve to feel good about themselves,” said Lisa.

Louise agrees, “I volunteer because these teenagers gain so much self-confidence when they can dress nicely! Parents are so appreciative, as buying clothing for growing teenagers is so costly.”

Volunteers Extend Resources

Teens’ Closet Founder and Supervisor, Krystal Koons, is very grateful for her team of volunteers. Whether it’s working directly with teens, tidying and organizing the inventory, or shopping for new items, volunteers truly help extend our efforts to meet more needs. “Volunteers are very important to Teens’ Closet! There are so many things to do!” said Koons. “All of these efforts work together to help teens build confidence, break the cycle of poverty and shape a bright future.”

Teens’ Closet always needs new clothing to restock inventory. Monetary donations and gift cards to stores like Costco, TJ MAXX, Ross, and Walmart are helpful and allow shoppers to purchase brand name clothing that teens would enjoy.

Learn more about Teens’ Closet and how you can help by contacting Krystal Koons at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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