Holly Yzquierdo

Holly Yzquierdo

Holly Yzquierdo is an experienced Marketing and Communications Manager and has served at Catholic Charities since 2014. She is passionate about helping nonprofits share the impact of their work in a digital world. Holly has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cameron University. Outside of work, Holly enjoys spending time with her family.

You see it on the news and social media—girls as young as 12 years old disappearing. These girls are being tricked or taken and forced into a world of sex trafficking.

Grooming is the processes of befriending and building trust with a child or sometimes the family of a child. The trafficker will take a special interest in the child to create a relationship. This relationship could be that of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, a mentor or a friend.

How much time does your child spend online every day? The average child between ages 8 and 18 spends more than seven hours a day on electronic devices including computers, tablets, phones and video games. Do you have any idea who they are communicating with?

As the temperatures drop in northern Arizona, Catholic Charities is increasing its efforts to seek out the homeless in the area. Recently, Catholic Charities homeless program welcomed two new members to the team, Patricia Jacques and Merideth Earles.

A grant from the Downtown Chandler Community Foundation is helping My Sisters’ Place provide a safe place for domestic violence survivors.

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