Holly Yzquierdo

Holly Yzquierdo

Holly Yzquierdo is an experienced Marketing and Communications Manager and has served at Catholic Charities since 2014. She is passionate about helping nonprofits share the impact of their work in a digital world. Holly has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cameron University. Outside of work, Holly enjoys spending time with her family.

MANA House recently celebrated it's 5th anniversary with fanfare. Members of the community, several organiztions that support veterans and local goverment officials were in attendance along with MANA House residents and staff.

For the 8th year, the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC) Paradise Valley Junior Woman's Club hosted a Veterans Appreciation Day at the MANA (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force) House in Phoenix.

Recently, 5th thru 8th grade students from Sacred Heart Catholic School partnered with Catholic Charities to create the Sacred Service Club. Founded by a current 8th-grader, Hannah Irvine, the club raises money to help others through Catholic Charities programs.

“Volunteering for the Catholic Charities refugee resettlement program is the most rewarding thing I've ever done,” said Constance.

“I could never do that.” It is a phrase many foster and adoptive parents hear from others. It begs the question, why do people think foster care and adoption are so impossible?

There are a lot of myths about foster care and adoption that are so widespread people consider them to be fact.

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