Holly Yzquierdo

Holly Yzquierdo

Holly Yzquierdo is an experienced Marketing and Communications Manager and has served at Catholic Charities since 2014. She is passionate about helping nonprofits share the impact of their work in a digital world. Holly has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cameron University. Outside of work, Holly enjoys spending time with her family.

Determined to give her children the best life possible, Shannon enrolled her children into the Early Head Start home visitation program. Early Head Start provides parents of infants and toddlers in low-income neighborhoods with programs that emphasize parenting skills and early childhood development for ages 0-3.

“This whole process has been a true blessing! It means that our refugee children can start school without having to worry about supplies, so they can focus instead on the joys of learning,” said Dishman.

Jose Maldonado shares his story of coming to the United States as a child and getting help from Catholic Charities to secure a future.

In 2011, Antoinette came to the Arizona as an unaccompanied minor. Here, she shares her story about life as a refugee and the struggles she has faced adapting to her new life in America.

If you've considered becoming a foster parent, right now is a great time. These new updates make foster parenting easier for families to care for their foster children.

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