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Monday, 05 April 2021

Teens’ Closet Helps Chino Valley Girl Build Her Wardrobe and Her Confidence

Teens’ Closet, a North Star Youth Partnership program of Catholic Charities, supplies more than just new outfits. For those like Beth, having access to the program means being able to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear. Every other month, teens age 13-19 can shop for items they need in the latest styles.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Beth, but her strength and resilience make her a force to be reckoned with. On top of being diagnosed with autism, Beth and her family were also hit by a drunk driver when she was in high school. As a result, Beth suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to have reconstructive surgery on her leg.

With all the medical expenses Beth’s mom Suzanne had to pay, new clothes were out of the question. However, Suzanne felt relieved when she discovered Teens’ Closet could help lift the burden.

Looking and Feeling Her Best

It’s now been 5 years since Beth’s first visit to Teens’ Closet. But the excitement of taking home a new dress or skirt never fades as she continues to use Teens’ Closet. Beth and Suzanne always like talking to Krystal, the Teens’ Closet Supervisor.

“We met her on the very first visit and Beth likes to look trendy. But with her autism, she doesn’t always know exactly how to put together outfits. Krystal was fantastic about pointing out different things,” Suzanne added.

Despite the setbacks she’s experienced, Beth has achieved more in her 18 years than most people do in a lifetime. She is the 2020 teen winner of Miss Amazing, a pageant for girls and women with disabilities.

It’s the pageant’s focus on personal development, rather than physical appearance, that makes the experience so enjoyable for Beth. Her creativity shines through in Beth’s Amazing Challenge, a scavenger hunt she organized to raise money for her trip to the 2021 pageant.

“It will be a fun way to have people learn more about me while raising money to go to Nashville,” said Beth.

Spreading the Love in Her Community

But her passion for community involvement doesn’t end there. Beth has worked on a long list of service projects, including volunteering with a local food bank and developing a summer program for kids at her library.

Her proudest accomplishment, though, is a plaque she’s creating for Chino Valley’s 9/11 Memorial. Beth is living proof that with determination and positivity there’s no challenge that can’t be overcome.

If you are interested in the services provided through Teens’ Closet, contact Krystal Koons at (928) 379-1667.


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