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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

High School Senior Bucket List

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Senior year is an exciting time for high school students. For many it marks their last year of formal education while others will be starting on their road to college.  Either way it is a huge milestone. Students who take the time to adequately prepare for this final door through adulthood will reap many benefits.

This High School Senior Bucket List that will help you prepare for your life beyond high school, no matter where it leads.

Create a Resume

Whether you will be applying for jobs or scholarships you need a resume. Don’t bother embellishing a four page list of everything you’ve ever done, instead fill it with job history, leadership and volunteer service and special skills. It’s also a good idea to have a least one conservative, professional outfit. A business suit is a good idea for job and college interviews and could come in handy for special events and ceremonies.

Prepare for College, Even if You Might Not Go

If you aren’t sure about college it’s always a good idea to take college entrance tests like SATs and fill out financial aid information. A great opportunity may present itself and it is best to be prepared. Attend at least one college tour and really consider your options.

The deadlines for colleges and scholarships vary so focus on them during the fall. If you decide to go later you won’t have to start from scratch.

Learn to be Self-Sufficient

If you hope to one day live on your own there are a few skills you must learn to be self-sufficient.

• Budget and manage a bank account responsibility

• Wash, dry and fold laundry

• Cook at least 3 healthy meals, preferable that don’t come out of a box

• Shop for groceries and toiletries

Be Thankful

Your parents and teachers have sacrificed more time, energy and money than you could ever imagine to get you to this point. Take time to say thank you. Choose a few people who have had the biggest impact on our life and write them a thank you note.

Have School Pride

It’s your last year of high school, pause for a moment and take it all in. Attend the football and volleyball games, cheer loudly for your team, and go to your school carnival or dances. If you’ve been too busy or too cool to attend before don’t miss you last chance.

Your senior year can be the best year yet. There will be stressful moments but this year will prepare you for the rest of your life.

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