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Joining Hearts helps women and couples experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. Our compassionate pregnancy specialists are available throughout Arizona to help women explore life-affirming birth options for their pregnancies. Our team is committed to helping women understand the facts about parenting, adoption, adoption law, birth parent rights and more to help them make the best plan for themselves and their child. We also connect mothers to community resources such as housing, food, and healthcare. Call or text 888-818-4445 for immediate help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Who Needs Pregnancy Counseling?

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For many women, hearing the words, “you’re pregnant” brings an overflow of emotions; joy, relief and maybe a little fear. All of these emotions are perfectly normal for expectant mothers.

Some women may have been trying to get pregnant for a long time, waiting and praying for a baby. Jennifer Harris, Senior Program Supervisor for Joining Hearts knows that’s not always the case. Harris and her team provide pregnancy counseling to anyone who finds herself in an unexpected pregnancy and is unsure if she wants to parent or make an adoption plan.

Who We Help

Joining Hearts helps women who are pregnant. In some cases, they hear from young women who are not ready to be a parent. Other times its married women who already have several children and are not sure they are ready or able to raise another child. Sometimes, pregnant teens call or text the hotline asking for parenting resources. Joining Hearts also helps incarcerated women who are pregnant and need to make some tough decisions regarding their baby.

The women who contact Joining Hearts come from all walks of life and socio economic groups. They vary in age from teens to women in their 40s.

Some women contact Joining Hearts at the beginning of their pregnancies; others do not reach out until after the baby is born.

How Joining Hearts Helps

Our pregnancy specialist are available 24/7 so women can call or text 888-818-4445 any time.

“Our job is to provide pregnant women with support, education and information so she can make an informed decision about if she wants to parent or make an adoption plan,” said Harris. “Some women feel like they should know what they want to do before calling, but that isn’t the case. Our specialty is providing her with life-affirming solutions to help her make that decision and plan.”

Finding Support

Pregnancy can be difficult, even in the best circumstances. Having a community of support made up of family and friends, is important to help with things before and after the baby is born. Joining Hearts Pregnancy specialists will help expectant mothers understand what support they will need and help them see who in their circle of family and friends will be there to help.

Our pregnancy specialists encourage expectant mothers to bring their support people with them to appointments so they can be supported as well. “Parenting is hard. Making an adoption plan is hard. Expectant mothers need support for both decisions,” said Harris.

If you or someone you know is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, call or text 888-818-4445. Our compassionate pregnancy specialists will be happy to support you during the pregnancy and after.

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