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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Kingman Homeless Outreach Team Takes Critical Action in Freezing Temperatures

In the winter months, temperatures in Kingman, Ariz. can dip below freezing. The night of Jan. 26, 2021 proved to be particularly frigid. With a rare 2-3 inches of snow in some areas, the Homeless Outreach Team knew that finding and connecting with those experiencing homelessness was essential.

Kingman Outreach Jan 2021 3

Thanks to Patricia Jacques, the specialist for Homeless Outreach, and her volunteer, Randy Collins, those in Kingman didn’t have to battle the 25-degree cold by themselves. They came prepared with supplies and housing resources that helped them take immediate action.

Kingman Outreach Jan 2021 4

The pair conducted outreach at shopping centers, alleys, bridges, and tunnels in the area. They found many tents with no inhabitants, but Patricia and Randy trekked on knowing that there were others who needed their help.

Kingman Outreach Jan 2021 1

That night, the team assisted a few people with supplies to keep them warm and nourished. They also took a man who was experiencing homelessness to a local motel for shelter.
In Kingman, and throughout northern Arizona, outreach like this saves lives every day. But we can’t do it alone. Please continue to give by donating directly or through our wishlists of needed items.


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