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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Housing Case Manager Has the Heart to Help

Putting a smile on someone’s face doesn’t have to be complicated. It just requires a little time, effort, and care to make a difference.

Tisha, a Catholic Charities housing case manager, knows it’s often the little things that matter most. Driven by her kind spirit, she made her client’s day when she worked with her contact Justin at U.S.VETS to deliver some food boxes to those in need.

A Perfect Partnership

Tisha and Justin initially met when Tisha’s client reached out to U.S.VETS because her son qualified for their services. After that, the two discovered they made a great team and began working together to provide services for the client.

“We were able to work together not just to give food boxes, but also provide other services the U.S.VETS programs offer for her adult son, too,” Tisha stated.

On Feb. 9, 2021, Justin reached out to Tisha because he had a connection with a church that provided his agency with food boxes. He knew that she had clients who could use them and wanted to help. They then met up to transport the boxes, which were filled with items such as milk, cheese, potatoes, yogurt, onions, and apples.

A Simple Blessing

One of Tisha’s permanent supportive housing clients was among those who received the boxes. She remembers how excited and grateful the family was.

The client’s children recognized her and immediately wanted to run and play around the house. Tisha had previously moved the family into their new home and knew the children loved playing “Harry Potter” in the laundry room under the stairs!

Tisha felt happy knowing her clients could feel comfortable and prepared in their new home. This small act of kindness demonstrates just how much love and compassion she has for her clients and her work.

“I love doing stuff like [this]. I mean, that’s part of the reason we’re in this work right? Keeping people housed, keeping people fed - I love it a lot. It felt really good giving them food,” she said.


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