Catholic Charities is committed to helping individuals and families experiencing homelessness find affordable, stable housing. Our team helps veterans and their families, people with severe mental illness and others who need shelter. We have multiple programs to help homeless persons throughout Northern Arizona.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Flagstaff Business Helps Homeless

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The Grove Apartments Flagstaff team. The Grove Apartments Flagstaff team.

Homelessness is a problem that can only be addressed with community support. Thankfully, the team at The Grove Apartments in Flagstaff have a commitment to making their community a better place. 


In Kind Donations Meet Needs

For nonprofits, in kind donations, donations of products or items used by clients, can help meet needs that aren’t included in fundraising. Catholic Charities often uses in kind donations to help meet practical needs of clients, especially when helping people experiencing homelessness.
Rick Brust, Homeless Outreach Coordinator, finds people living in on the streets or in the forests, and gets them connected with resources and case management.
Rick’s relationships with the community, particularly Grove Apartments, help Catholic Charities serve clients more effectively. “This has been an extremely important relationship having the Grove Apartments as a generous community partner. They have helped with furnishing homes for clients we serve, such as homeless individuals and families including veterans, elderly, and those with long-term bouts of homelessness, and those afflicted with mental illnesses and/or substance abuse/addictions.”

The Grove Apartments Generous Donation

Moving a person who has experienced homelessness into stable housing is not an easy process. Once the person moves in, they are often without furniture or simple comforts that most people take for granted.
“This year the Grove Apartments donated 12 sofas, 14 upholstered chairs, 4 nightstands, 4 end tables, and 8 desks,” said Brust.
bike donations

Fresh Start After Homelessness

Housing isn’t the only obstacle, transportation is another. “The Grove Apartments also donated 52 discarded bicycles.” A bicycle can provide a person the ability to get and maintain a job and attend appointments. Transition in Place (TIP), a new program at Catholic Charities within our Veterans Services program, will use these donations to help clients make a fresh start.
We want to thank Caitlin Hailey, The Grove Apartments General Manager, and the Grove Apartments team for another year of generous donations! These gifts provide comfort and hope to the people we serve.
Learn the different ways you can give to help people in need in your community.
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