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Friday, 22 May 2015

Finding Her Mother

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Finding Her Mother Photo by Kyrre Gjerstad

Children are placed for adoption for many reasons. Often a young woman finds herself pregnant and unable to care for a new baby. Many children, who are adopted, wonder why their parents couldn’t keep them. They have a deep longing to know their story and their birth parents.

“Anna” was no exception.

Adopted as a baby, Anna longed to know her birth mother but felt afraid she would be rejected. After many years, she decided to write a letter to her birth mother through Catholic Charities.

Through Catholic Charities’ adoption program, staff researched records and found Anna’s birth mom, “Rose.”


Twenty years ago, Rose put Anna up for adoption with Catholic Charities serving as the adoption agency. Catholic Charities works with women and couples by offering counseling about adoption, adoption law, birth parent rights and help to make the best plan for their child.

Rose spent many years, just like her daughter, wanting to reconnect —but she was afraid of being rejected.  She often wondered if Anna would understand the choices she made.

When Catholic Charities delivered the letter from Anna, Rose’s fears were calmed. She felt excited that her daughter wanted to know her.

Reuniting Mother and Daughter

Catholic Charities told Anna the good news about her birth mother being excited and anxious to meet with her as well.

The pregnancy, parenting and adoption program at Catholic Charities was honored to have played an important role in the very first steps of a reunion between a young woman and her birth mother who, some 20 years ago, had made a loving decision to entrust her baby to a family whom she felt would provide a loving, nurturing home for her.

If you know someone who is wrestling with an unplanned pregnancy, please call our hotline at 1-888-818-4445. Our caring, pregnancy specialists are available seven days a week to help mothers or couples plan what is best for their baby.

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