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Joining Hearts - Private Infant Adoption in Arizona

Catholic Charities offers private adoption services for Arizona families who wish to open their hearts and homes to expand their family through adoption.

Full Service Adoption Agency

There’s nothing like the feeling of tucking a new baby into the crook of your arm, carefully supporting his or her head, while you hold back a flood of emotion and thank God for this little miracle. For couples who are facing infertility, this experience may seem impossible.

At Catholic Charities, Miracles Happen Every Day! 

Joining Hearts, Catholic Charities’ full-service adoption agency, walks alongside families to help fulfill their dream of infant adoption in Arizona. Our adoption specialists provide ongoing support throughout the process and even after the adoption is finalized.

For more information about our programs, please contact us at 602-230-4910.

A Testimonial from One Our Adoptive Families

Adoptive Family Quote | Carrie Pahlkotter



“From the moment we began working with Joining Hearts, we were met with incredible professionalism and a wonderful support network of people who were always available and approachable. We felt this program was truly ethical as their intentions were always to prepare a plan best for birth mother. Joining Hearts is a cohesive team of people who are for each and every client and it shows.”

-Carrie, adoptive mother.

Infant Adoption in Arizona

Unlike adopting from foster care, private adoption in Arizona happens when a birth mother voluntarily chooses adoption for her unborn or recently born baby and enlists an adoption agency to facilitate that process.

As an adoption agency, Joining Hearts does more than just connecting adoptive parents with birth parents. They manage the complicated process and provide professional, legal and emotional support.

Catholic Charities is the only Catholic adoption agency in Arizona; however, you do not need to be Catholic to obtain adoptive services with us. Married couples from every faith background are welcome.

Adoption Process in Arizona

Our adoption specialists provide education on the adoption process and work with you to complete your home-study assessment, handle legal services and work for the best possible match with a birth parent. Additionally, we believe in post-placement support. You will never feel alone. If an adoption related issue arises in the future, our team will help resolved it. Catholic Charities has been an adoption agency for over 85 years! Every year we help multiple families with information and support on past adoptions.

Joining Hearts Team Member

Sharon Hopkins - Adoption Specialist
“I am so fortunate to be able to work with an agency that truly cares about birth parents and adoptive parents. I carry with me always the privilege of meeting many women and couples who are making one of the most important decisions of their lives, and I do not take this for granted. Our goal at Joining Hearts is to always provide personalized services that demonstrate compassion and empathy while celebrating the gift of life.”   

-Sharon Hopkins, Adoption Specialist

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