Holly Yzquierdo

Holly Yzquierdo

Holly Yzquierdo is an experienced Marketing and Communications Manager and has served at Catholic Charities since 2014. She is passionate about helping nonprofits share the impact of their work in a digital world. Holly has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cameron University. Outside of work, Holly enjoys spending time with her family.

Sister Noreen Sharp retired after working four years at Catholic Charities and more than 40 years of ministry. Her colleagues gathered at The Refuge Cafe in downtown Phoenix to celebrate her retirement and send her off in style.

In 2012, Aimee relocated to Phoenix through a refugee program with Catholic Charities. She had previously lived in Cameroon after fleeing Central African Republic because of the war. The Central African Republic is landlocked and boarded by Chad, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo and Cameroon.

Catholic Charities caseworkers help adoptive parents one step at a time to get through the ups and down of foster care and adoption. Recently, one family needed an extra helping hand during a crisis situation.

“Catholic Charities was supportive of us and our daughter’s birth mom through our journeys of finding each other and making sure the matching process felt right for all of us,” said Joanna.

After months of getting to know each other, the time came and Angelina went into labor. The Smiths were on call and were at the hospital for the birth of their adoptive daughter, Alexis.

If you’re looking for project for your team or co-workers to do this holiday season, Catholic Charities would love to partner with you. Several organizations and parishes have already started projects to help foster care families and other Catholic Charities’ work, like domestic violence shelters. Here are a few examples of what’s going on in December.G

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