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10 Pieces of Advice for Incoming Freshman

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Entering high school can be an exciting but also intimidating time. The following list is advice that every freshman should know.

1. Beware of Bullies

There are different kinds of bullies in high school. Some may be large guys who steal your lunch money but others, mean girls/cliques or people online can do just as much damage. Be cautious when sharing personal information or photos with others. Observe people and let their actions speak for them.

2. Procrastination

By the time you reach high school, you’ve probably earned extra responsibilities at home and at school. With that responsibility comes more freedom. Be proactive with school work and commitments at your job or at home. Procrastination can lead to stress or result in bad grades or breaking trust.

3. Stress

Stress, when not handled properly, can cause real problems. When you feel overwhelmed take a break and reassess your situation. It’s also helpful to ask for help from an adult or someone you trust.

4. Be the Real You

Sometimes it is easier to try to fit in with the crowd than be who you really are. You will be happier if you are true to yourself. Whether you are an athlete, computer guru or a brilliant mathematician—be yourself.

5. Pay Attention

Everyone wonders if they will ever use chemistry or calculus when they are an adult. You would be surprised, so learn what you can.  Just as important, you should learn skills like being a good listener and being respectful.

6. Find Real Friends

Real friends are hard to find, but they are worth the effort. The friends you have now will be in all of your high school stories when you are an adult. Friends can see you through happy moments like homecoming and concerts and difficult times like breakups or disappointments.

7. Make Wise Choices

Don’t look back on high school as a time of regrets. Making decisions to drink alcohol, try drugs or have sex can have serious implications for the rest of your life. Don’t give into pressure to try something that is illegal or that you aren’t ready for.

8. Be Careful Online

Colleges and employers are looking at applicants online presence so be careful about what you share. Scammers and predators are watching too. Stay safe and keep your personal information private. 

9. Think About the Future

You may not be ready to grow up, but it’s a good idea to keep your future in mind. If you want to go to college make sure you take the right classes. Learning a second language may give you a leg up when it comes to applying for jobs. Don’t forget about volunteer work, it shows people that you care about others and are willing to work hard.

10. Have Fun

The high school years will fly by. Be intentional about making memories and having fun. Be the person who cheers for their team, asks someone to the dance and has fun with their friends.

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