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Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Family is Grateful for Parents as Teachers

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The Proulx Family The Proulx Family

It is often said that being a parent is one of the most rewarding, and most difficult things a person can do. Catholic Charities Parents as Teachers program is there to help parents thrive and become their child’s first, and most important teacher.

Parents as Teachers is a free home-visiting program that supports children’s cognitive development with a goal of kindergarten readiness. Families benefit from the hands-on training, developmental and health screenings, monthly community support and education groups, and more.

When the Proulx Family moved the Arizona, they immediately sought out Parents as Teachers because of the important role this program played in their lives before moving from Missouri. Read their heart felt letter of appreciation to Parents as Teachers below.

In today’s world many of us parents wonder if we are doing well by our kids. Are we doing enough to keep them on track educationally, emotionally, socially, and nutritionally? Are we providing for their needs in a way that is going to grow them into successful adults? Are we supportive enough to develop their security without crippling their independence?

I am so unbelievably thankful for the Parents as Teachers program that has helped guide me through the early years with my kids. We were first introduced to the program when we lived in Missouri and intentionally sought out the program soon after moving to Arizona because it played such a vital role in our lives as parents.

Parents as Teachers is a support system that I firmly believe no parent should go without. Our Parents as Teachers Educator has helped guide me through any difficulty I have faced as a parent with my youngest two kids, I wish I knew about this program with my oldest. 

Parent Educators help us to reason through tough behaviors and come up with solutions. They give us activities to help work on strengthening important developmental skills. They help us with expanding our picky toddlers' palates. They let us know about the many ways we can plug into our community for more help and support. And they can even let us know if our child is on track developmentally. 

Parents as Teachers hosts events where we can participate in family activities and meet other families like ours. Even my older kids have loved going to the events. 

If this was all they did, it would certainly be enough…but best of all, they pour into your cup as a parent. They listen to your concerns and fears, they support you and the whole family, they care about your well-being and will make sure you are doing self-care to replenish your cup which is so vitally important.

The Parents as Teachers team care about us. I don’t think I would be half the parent I am today if it wasn’t for their support and guidance. Every Parent Educator we have had over the years has become like family to us. I was sad to leave the one we had built a strong bond with in Missouri, but we couldn’t have landed a better one here in Arizona than the one we did.

The Proulx Family


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