The Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a national program helping parents be their child’s first and most important teacher. The PAT curriculum supports their child’s brain development and ensures that their child develops optimally during the crucial early years of life.

Qualifying for Free Services

  • Parents must have a child age 3 or younger, who has not yet started kindergarten. 
  • Parents may enroll prenatally as well.  
  • The family must live within the service area (Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek.)

What You’ll Get

  • Free home visits
  • Free child development screening (cognitive, language, social-emotional and motor skills)
  • Free child health screening (vision, hearing and health issues)
  • Monthly community-based education and support meetings
  • Connection to community resources (health and social service agencies and enrichment activities)

What Your Child Will Learn

  • Numbers and letters
  • How to follow directions
  • Appropriate social norms and boundaries
  • To share, take turns, listen and have a positive self-esteem
  • Research shows parents who participate in the PAT program are more knowledgeable about child development, parenting practices, and have more positive involvement with their children.
  • Children who have been involved with PAT are healthier, receive earlier intervention for developmental delays, and score higher on kindergarten readiness tests.

Parents that wish to enroll can call our office at 480-267-4414.