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Joining Hearts helps women and couples experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. Our compassionate pregnancy specialists are available throughout Arizona to help women explore life-affirming birth options for their pregnancies. Our team is committed to helping women understand the facts about parenting, adoption, adoption law, birth parent rights and more to help them make the best plan for themselves and their child. We also connect mothers to community resources such as housing, food, and healthcare. Call or text 888-818-4445 for immediate help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wednesday, 07 November 2018

Getting Support After an Unexpected Pregnancy

Getting Support After an Unexpected Pregnancy .

One night, Mandy* walked to the emergency room for severe stomach pain and walked out as an unexpected, new mother. Mandy had no idea she was nine months pregnant, and at 28 years old, she gave birth to a baby she wasn’t prepared for.

Now a newly single parent, Mandy felt overwhelmed and was unsure of what to do next. How could she ensure her child would be well taken care of?  She lived with her mom and stepfather, and although they were emotionally supportive, they still were not prepared to welcome a newborn into their home. Mandy was no longer in a relationship with the birth father, and he had no interest in parenting the child or providing any assistance at all.

Getting Support from Joining Hearts

Mandy spoke with the hospital social worker about finding an adoption agency, which led her to the Joining Hearts hotline. Joining Hearts would be able to provide her the care and support she needed, which they do for many expecting mothers and adoptive families. She called Joining Hearts and scheduled an appointment with a pregnancy counselor to discuss her life-affirming options.

Even though Mandy had already delivered her child, the Joining Hearts pregnancy counselor was able to provide her with the same caring and compassionate support they provide to expecting mothers. After meeting with her pregnancy counselor about parenting and adoption, she decided adoption would indeed be the best plan for her and her child. 

Choosing Adoption

Mandy made an adoption plan and selected a wonderful family. She was reassured her child would be raised in a home that shared the same values she would’ve wanted to provide.

Mandy was confident in her decision to place her child with a new family through Joining Hearts and sure that her child would have their best life.

*Name was changed to protect client privacy.


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