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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Billboard Encourages Adoption

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St. Steven’s Parish, in Sun Lakes, Ariz., is putting an unusual message on an I-10 billboard for thousands of drivers. The “Don’t Abort. We’ll Adopt.” billboard is intended to let people know that there are options if they find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy.

“We just want people to know that there is help available. Adoption is always an option,” says Anne DeRose, coordinator of the St. Steven’s Respect Life Group.

Since 2008, the group, with the help of other organizations, has put up four billboards. “We are blessed to have the support of many community members who helped make this billboard a reality,” says DeRose. “We are also grateful for our partnership with Catholic Charities that will handle the hotline and assist with pregnancy counseling.”

Catholic Charities offers unplanned pregnancy counseling to women and couples. The organization helps clients explore life-affirming birth options for their unplanned pregnancies as well as educating on topics such as parenting, adoption, adoption law, birth parent rights and what to expect to help clients make the best plan. Temporary infant care is also available if a birth mother needs time after the child’s birth to make a thoughtful decision without the pressure of parenting or placing. All services are free to the pregnant client.

The billboard is facing south on the I-10, south of Pecos Road. It is estimated that seven thousand vehicles pass the billboard every day as well as 4 to 5 million shoppers visiting the nearby Premium Outlets Mall annually. DeRose considers the endeavor successful if at least one baby is saved from abortion by the message.

For more information about pregnancy counseling call toll free 1-888-818-4445.

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