Community Re-Entry

Our Community Re-Entry program provides safe, affordable, temporary group housing for those who have had justice involvement and need help getting their lives turned around. Each resident contributes to house chores while they strive to improve their situation by finding employment, attending substance abuse support groups, and checking in with their probation officers.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A Safe Place to Live

Written by Stacey Proctor

Eliza Louden works to house the homeless and serve people in a housing crisis for Catholic Charities in Cottonwood, Ariz. She’s recently pioneered a project in Cottonwood, by working to provide housing for women who are leaving jail for substance abuse and re-entering civilian life.

Affordable Housing for WomenLouden picture

The new home is called the Manzanita House and will provide affordable housing and case management support for these vulnerable women as they rebuild their lives.

“As I grew up, I learned that a safe place to live can impact a person’s overall well-being,” Louden said. 

Louden who has worked to serve the homeless population with Catholic Charities since 2012 has served various homeless populations from veterans to people struggling with mental illness or substance abuse. Her interest in serving women coming out of jail for drug use offenses is a population that she’s noticed hasn’t been served up until this time.

Creating Safe Communities

She is committed to a personal mission that every person, regardless of background, is entitled to a safe and secure place to call home. She said she developed this personal belief and mission while working in Washington D.C. with families in low-income housing.  “Working with these families is where I developed a passion for assisting people to acquire safe, affordable, housing.”

She’s excited to partner with local businesses and other organizations to continue to serve the homeless population in Cottonwood to create a healthier and supportive community.

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