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Parent Education was Turning Point for Mom

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Alma and her daughter Leah. Alma and her daughter Leah.

Alma Estrada knows how to take care of her daughters and keep them safe. But when her second daughter, Leah, turned 2 months old, she learned about the Parents as Teachers (PAT) program and knew she had much more to discover.

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a national program that helps parents be their child’s first and most important teacher. The PAT curriculum supports their child’s brain development and ensures that their child develops optimally during the crucial early years of life.

Parents Thrive with PAT Curriculum

“In each visit, a parent educator provided me with written material and detailed information to increase my knowledge of my child’s development,” said Alma. “Every piece of information was interesting.” She carefully read and implemented every strategy the parent educator supplied.

The PAT program opened Alma’s eyes to how her children learn. She considers the program a turning stone in the evolution of her role as a mother. “Every time I read it,” said Alma, referring to the curriculum, “I get amazed at how to advance the skills of babies and toddlers. When I put it into practice, I get even more amazed of the capacity my child has to learn.”

Sandra Perez, parent educator with the Parents as Teachers program, enjoys working with children and their families. “Working with Alma is very rewarding, she takes advantage of every single idea we propose in the visits,” said Perez. “Alma offers feedback that helps me to determine how to personalize the next activity to her and Leah’s needs.”

Creating Lifelong Learners

Alma is committed to encouraging her daughters to be lifelong learners. “A child without inspiration to learn will not develop his or her capabilities to the maximum extent. We, the parents, are their engine to help them discover the world around them, to keep their interest in exploring and advancing their development,” said Alma.

Children who have been involved with PAT are healthier, receive earlier intervention for developmental delays, and score higher on kindergarten readiness tests. PAT is a great experience for families that are open to new ideas and looking to encounter other families in a very safe and education setting once a month,” said Perez. “The program offers a second pair of eyes to help parents see all the meaning behind the little things children do every day.”

Learn more about the Parents as Teachers program and how you can enroll your family.

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