Bethany Durham

Bethany Durham

Bethany Durham has a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a passion for storytelling. Her writing for Catholic Charities has included blogs, newspaper and magazine articles. She enjoys telling client stories in a way that captures the humanity and emotions of those she writes about. When she’s not working, Bethany loves to spend time with her two cats, hike and sing karaoke.

Being raised in a community that valued faith and action, Jesse and Adam knew they wanted to become foster parents even before they had biological children. In November 2021, they finalized their adoption of three siblings. “It changed everything and changed nothing. You know this is the relationship that you’ve chosen, that God’s giving you,” said Jesse.

When Rebecca adopted Miles, she gained not only a son, but a new sister too. Foster care and adoption can create unbreakable bonds that spread joy and bring families together.

For therapeutic foster children, who struggle with mental, emotional, and behavioral difficulties, participating in enriching childhood activities like summer camp can be a challenge. That’s why Catholic Charities and its partner MATFORCE, an organization aimed at reducing substance abuse, worked to bring the summer camp experience to therapeutic foster children in Prescott and Yavapai County.

A mother of two recently secured rental assistance through the Frances Cares Grant, which assists those who have past-due rent balances resulting from COVID-19. When her case manager informed her she would be receiving rental assistance, she cried tears of joy and felt a huge weight lifted off her shoulders.

Crystal, a foster mom in St. Johns, Ariz., has found love and positivity in embracing the unknown. Her YouTube channel "Crazy Pieces" has allowed her to bring recognition and validation to foster children, foster parents, and adopted children everywhere.

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