The Catholic Charities DIGNITY Diversion program is an intensive education-based program for women who have been arrested for prostitution. The program provides the opportunity to avoid jail time and to divert women from reoffending.

Monday, 30 January 2023

Opening New Doors After Sex Trafficking

In 2013, after years of abuse and loss that led her to unhealthy decisions, Leah was facing another eviction. She worked as a waitress and danced at a nightclub to make ends meet. One night, a pimp approached her and offered an opportunity she believed could help her provide for her family.

Leah was alone, struggling financially, and extremely vulnerable. Knowing she had children to support, she decided prostitution could be the way out.

One Decision Changes Everything

Things were going well until early January 2014, when it all fell apart. She knocked on a hotel door to meet a client and walked into a room full of police officers. What she did not know was that knocking on that door would not only save her life but pave the way to her future and her destiny.

In March of that same year, Leah went to complete an intake at Catholic Charities’ DIGNITY (Developing Individual Growth and New Independence Through Yourself) Diversion program. The program is education-based, aiming to divert women from reoffending.

She had agreed to complete the program rather than receive a conviction for her charges or spend time in jail. The program consisted of 10 weeks of group meetings and one full week of presentations and speakers.

Leaving the Life for a New Beginning

One day after class, Leah was telling her pimp about what she had learned that day. He ominously said, “I think that class is getting to your head.” She did not tell him, but he was right.

Soon after that, she left him for good. On August 14, 2014, she left prostitution and quit dancing. She got a stable job and never looked back.

DIGNITY Diversion Graduate Helps Others Escape the Life

While working in restaurants to support her children, she continued volunteering for the DIGNITY program and events that focused on ending sex trafficking. In 2022, after years of volunteer work helping women escape sex trafficking, she received an offer to work with a local sex trafficking organization.

Leah loves her work helping women leave prostitution and realize their potential. With the help of Catholic Charities and the amazing women in the program, she learned that she (and her body) are truly priceless.

If you’d like to support women like Leah, consider donating items through our Amazon Charity List. Simple things like clothing and hygiene items can make all the difference.

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