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Catholic Charities is grateful for local support that helps us walk along side individuals and families in crisis and give hope. Individual donors, community partners, corporate partners, Catholic parishes and schools, and volunteers all help advance our mission to help our community’s most vulnerable.

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Power of Social Media

Carly Banks delivering donations to Mary Lawson at Catholic Charities in 2019. Carly Banks delivering donations to Mary Lawson at Catholic Charities in 2019.

Carly Banks has been a part of the Flagstaff community for 12 years. She was looking for a way to give back locally, where there would be a direct impact on her community. She took to social media and started to notice posts that were being made by Catholic Charities office manager, Mary Lawson.
Mary posted requests asking for items to help the clients that Catholic Charities served. These items included emergency gear for people who were experiencing homelessness.

Flagstaff Donations Stay Local
carly banks 2020 donation

Carly decided this was exactly what she was looking for and chose Catholic Charities as the recipient of her 2019 birthday fundraiser. She was thrilled when the fundraiser ended and she had raised $1,300. Carly messaged Mary to see which items were most needed. Together, they decided that cold weather kits for the Homeless Outreach team would be best. In these kits, Carly put an emergency blanket, thermal socks, gloves, a beanie, 2 protein bars and hand warmers. These kits were a blessing for the most vulnerable last winter.

Cold Weather Kits for Homeless Outreach Team

Fast forward a year, Carly reached out to Mary again. She said she loved working with Catholic Charities and wanted to help again, so she chose the agency once more to be the recipient of her 2020 birthday fundraiser. She raised $2,914! Carly was able to make 240 cold weather kits, and this year she added a thermal neck wrap as well as lip balm to the kits.

The Catholic Charities team is thankful for Carly and her friends and family who support her vision of serving her community. Those experiencing homelessness struggle every day, but when you add the harsh winter temperatures here in Flagstaff it can be the matter of life and death. These cold weather kits will bring warmth and hope to those in need.

If you'd like to contribute similar item, you can order from our Amazon Wishlist. Purchased items will be sent directly to our office in Flagstaff for immediate use. 

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