Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Kinship Foster Mom Keeps Family Together

Written by Bethany Durham
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Family is a gift to be cherished, through the good times and the bad. It transcends even the most impassible barriers, offering a helping hand to guide the way. This especially rings true for Faith, a foster parent in Golden Valley, Ariz.

For a long time, fostering had been a goal for Faith and her husband. Even though they weren’t officially licensed until late 2020, taking care of family was always a constant in their lives.

Putting Family First

Faith’s journey began when she became a kinship foster parent for a young family member. A kinship foster parent is an adult who is not licensed as a foster parent but has a significant relationship and is able to provide care to a child who would otherwise be placed with a foster parent. A kinship foster parent is often a relative or close family friend.

She later took in another kinship placement. The children have since returned to their biological parents, but the experience left Faith feeling fulfilled about the positive impact she had made.

And when a family member’s boys were removed from their home, Faith’s passion for family left her with no choice but to step in. The boys were in Flagstaff, so she went to work finding an agency in the area that could license her to become a foster parent. She chose Catholic Charities because of its responsiveness and willingness to help.

“Catholic Charities was one that called me back right away and they seemed to be really good from the start. They gave me a lot of information and were there for us,” she said.

Without the support of her licensing worker, Terra, Faith would feel lost. If she needs to vent or discuss a visit from DCS, she knows Terra will be there for her.

Maintaining Strong Relationships

Faith now has 3 foster children to keep her busy. Although fostering family members is particularly challenging, she strives to maintain an open line of communication with the children’s mother. She knows the children need a connection with their mom, whether it’s checking in about schoolwork or simply saying goodnight.

But even on the difficult days, the rewards and blessings of fostering remind Faith that she’s making a difference. She enjoys seeing her kids smile and noticing improvement in behavioral issues. And she always wants their mom to be able to share in that joy.

“I can tell that I’m making a change and I’m doing what’s right. Family, to me, is very important. No matter which way this goes, Mom will always be in the picture,” she said.

If you are considering becoming a foster parent or have taken in a family member, consider learning more about how to become a licensed foster parent. Catholic Charities offers an abundance of resources to support you.



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