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Wednesday, 20 December 2023

Forever Family Chooses Catholic Charities for Second Adoption

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Back in 2017, David and Marley had no idea that a test of their love and faith would bring an unexpected blessing. Shortly before their wedding, David was diagnosed with leukemia. Treatment would result in infertility for David, but their main priority was his health.

A month after their wedding, David was in remission. About a year into their marriage, the two began seriously considering adoption.

Getting Connected to Joining Hearts

It seemed like fate when Marley received a Facebook notification mentioning an info session for infant adoption through Catholic Charities’ Joining Hearts program. Joining Hearts is a full-service adoption agency that provides lifelong support to birth mothers who place their child for adoption.

David and Marley decided to attend the session. Whereas Marley was filled with excitement about adoption, David still felt hesitant and decided to pray about it.

“And the next morning, I just opened my Bible. I read the next chapter, and it was talking about how those who are barren will have more kids than the number of stars in the sky,” said David.

Knowing God had a plan for them, David and Marley moved forward and became licensed to adopt in October 2019. They were considered twice for placement, but things didn’t work out. This took such a toll that they agreed not to buy baby supplies unless they knew for sure that they were becoming parents.

A Long-Anticipated Call Finally Comes

While attending church one Sunday in March 2020, Marley could sense something was about to happen. Her suspicion was confirmed when she and David received a call about another placement. The baby girl had already been born, and they were the only adoptive parents being considered.

David and Marley called back as soon as they could with an enthusiastic “yes”! With only 40 hours to prepare, the two scrambled to clean the house and purchase supplies.

The Joy of Becoming Parents

On the drive to pick up their daughter, David and Marley were uncharacteristically silent. But when they arrived at the hospital, they knew all the hardship and waiting had been worth it.

They decided to name their baby girl Amelia Josephine, after St. Joseph. Unbeknownst to them at the time, her name translates to, “Through the work of God, there has been an addition to the family.”

Today, Amelia is an energetic, spunky, and comedic three-year-old. Despite not being their biological child, she talks and acts just like them. Amelia has made them more patient, forgiving, and understanding.

Excited to Adopt Again

Currently, the couple is looking into adopting again through Catholic Charities. They know Amelia is looking forward to becoming a big sister, and Marley and David can’t wait to see her in that role.

“What drew us to go through Catholic Charities again was how well they take care of birth moms and adoptive families. It feels like an actual community that cares about all the people involved in the process,” said Marley.

If you’re interested in infant adoption in Arizona, learn more by visiting the Joining Heart’s page.

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