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Parents as Teachers Helps Mother Embrace Her Role as a Parent

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Parents often feel pressure from those around them to fit the image of a “perfect” parent. But being present and engaged as a child learns about the world will always be more impactful than being perfect.

Parents as Teachers Strengthens Families

Parents as Teachers (PAT) understands that parenting is a learning process for both the child and the parent. This home-visiting program helps parents be active in their child’s cognitive development. PAT connects children three or younger and their parents to services like developmental screenings, community-based education and support meetings, and other resources.

Yuri, a mother of three, says the program made her a better parent. She wrote a letter to PAT expressing her gratitude.

A Letter of Thanks

My name is Yuri, and I would like to share what the Parents as Teachers program has meant to me and my family.

I have three children. The eldest attends kindergarten, and the two youngest are enrolled in the Parents as Teachers program. My Parent Educator is Edith Escamilla.

The Parents as Teachers program has helped me so much in my role as a mom. Before, I was very impatient with my children and wanted everything in my house to be in order. Through the visits, I was able to learn how to be more patient with them and much more.

I also learned how to talk to them. At the beginning of the visits, I spoke to my second child with a childish demeanor. I repeated the words exactly as he began to say them.

My Parent Educator assessed and identified a delay in his communication. She taught me the importance of speaking clearly to my children, of describing what they did, and what I did. She taught me activities that strengthened their communication and development.

On each visit, she brought and exchanged books with me. I learned that even if I cannot read books in English, I can invent the story in my language and read using images and actions.

I can share the importance of reading and the habit of reading daily. I know that reading at an early age forms a natural desire and habit in children, strengthens their vocabulary, helps them progress in school, and improves reading comprehension. And they will hold a beautiful memory that their mom read with them at a young age.

I recommend this program. Personally, it has helped me in aspects of discipline, consequences, and promoting respect in the family and has guided me in my children’s development. Now my son who was having a communication delay is unable to stop talking!

I am very grateful for the existence of this program, which has impacted my family in a significant way. It has generated positive changes in my role as a mom.

Support Parents as Teachers

Thanks to PAT, Yuri knows that her children have the tools they need to be lifelong learners. You can help parents like Yuri invest in their child’s cognitive development by donating online or through our Amazon Charity List.

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