The secret blessing of being an adoptive parent is that we had plenty of time to wait and envision who we wanted to be as parents and who we didn’t. The first little “About Us” pamphlet we made years ago was supposed to just be a brochure, but we’ve always honored it as the first and most important promise we made to our daughter’s birthmother.

We are a family that plays, prays, and laughs. We value quality time, creativity, and exploration. We value our weekdays as much as our weekends. We’ve made great family memories driving to the gas station just as easily as we have flying across the country for vacation.

Our four-year-old will tell you “she” owns 2 horses, 2 chickens, and a yellow dog who acts like a coyote. We live 5 minutes from the river in a dirt road neighborhood, but our daughter gets plenty of city slicker experiences at school.

We are open to almost any kind of adoption. We fostered for years and have experienced most of the complications that spook people. Medical history is informative, but there is a point where it becomes a distraction. No one’s history looks pretty in 10 pt font and medical terms. We also wanna know what kind of music you love and which names you do not!

We would respect a closed adoption, but hope for another healthy open adoption. We don’t want you or your baby to experience their birthday as a divorce; rather, we want it to be celebrated as a new union that was meant to be. We hope you would be open to updates and annual meet-ups where you could experience the beautiful person you made and the life and family you chose for him or her.