Hello! We’re Nelly and Jamie, and we are truly grateful you’re considering us as adoptive parents for your precious child. We understand the weight of your decision and admire your strength and love. Our promise is to provide a nurturing, loving home where your child will thrive, surrounded by joy, education, and adventure.

Jamie’s leadership and compassionate nature make him a wonderful partner. Born in New Orleans, he moved frequently, fostering a love for travel and cultures. He’s a Baroque music fan, a classic Porsche restorer, and plays several musical instruments. Jamie is eager to embrace fatherhood, ready to create new memories with our future child.

Nelly’s caring spirit shines through her career as a caregiver. Moving to the U.S. at 20, she’s dedicated her life to nurturing others. Nelly enjoys creating a warm home filled with love and laughter. She loves Dancing with the Stars, vegetable soup, sci-fi books, and her favorite holiday is Christmas.

We are excited to embrace this journey, providing a loving, enriching home where your child can grow and thrive. We are ready to offer endless love and opportunities to your child.

With heartfelt gratitude, Nelly and Jamie.