Hello! We are Andrew and Andrea and we are excited about the possibility of growing our family through adoption. We have been married for 15 years. After struggling with infertility for 7 years, our miracle baby, Reed, was born in 2016. Andrew is always upbeat and positive no matter the circumstance and is always willing to put others needs ahead of his own. He earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and works for a local tech company. Andrea has a warm and genuine heart and knows how to make a house a home. She loves being a stay-at-home mom. Reed has an awesome imagination and has developed quite the sense of humor. He has a love for cars and garbage trucks. He would make the best big brother; he talks about having a sibling and what fun he’d have with them almost every day. We live in a suburb outside of Phoenix. We love our home and the neighborhood that we live in. We enjoy going on walks and family bike rides together to the different parks we live by. We also love to explore new places and go on some really fun road trips every summer. We love all holidays and the traditions we celebrate for each one. One of our favorites is Halloween when we dress up together, like the time we dressed up in a Disneyland theme.

We are very close to our extended family. Andrew’s family is spread out through Nevada and Utah. We have a blast when we are able to be with them in person. Andrea’s family lives very close to us in Arizona so we see them quite often and Reed always has an amazing time playing with his cousins. All of our families are very supportive of our decision to adopt and they are excited at the possibility of our family growing again as are we!