Hello! We are a family of 3 hoping to soon be a family of 4. Andy is originally from New Zealand and became a US citizen in 2022. Tiffany is from Chicago and still has family in the Chicagoland area. We adopted River at birth in 2017. We also have 2 dogs named Bingo and Bluey whom we adopted in 2021.

Andy and Tiffany are both college graduates and have worked for different companies as well as owned their own businesses. We both volunteer in River’s sports and school, taking every opportunity to participate in his life that we can.

We are a very open-minded and adventurous family. We love to travel and feel some of life’s greatest lessons can be learned from interacting with people from different cultures. Since his birth, River has traveled internationally twice and has been to 20 different states!

We value family time, love, faith, honesty, hard work and keeping our commitments. We strive for balance in our life in all things. We work hard so we can play hard. Sometimes we go out for ice cream right before dinner and ruin our appetite!

We have been very intentional with the decisions we have made in life to get us to where we are now. We can provide a very comfortable life to a child while being loving, caring, fun and consistent.

We have maintained open communication with River’s biological parents through semi-annual photos and updates. We hope to have the same type of relationship with the parents of any more children we adopt. We have learned that those bonds and the knowledge of “where I came from” are vitally important for all humans.