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As the charitable arm of the Diocese of Phoenix, we help the most vulnerable in seven counties in Northern and Central Arizona.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (March 30, 2020): Catholic Charities Community Services staff has adapted the social-distancing concept to their outreach to provide ongoing services to individuals experiencing homelessness in Yavapai, Coconino and Mohave Counties.

To that end, Catholic Charities Veterans Services and PATH (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness) programs have put in place new protocols and methods of providing these critical outreach services.

Instead of calling it “outreach,” they’re calling it “shoutreach.”

“We know we need to maintain contact with individuals and families experiencing homelessness to ensure they receive and have access to services and supplies for daily living,” said Rick Brust, Outreach Coordinator. “With the challenges of COVID-19 and the need for appropriate social distancing, we want to keep communications open at the same time we protect everyone’s health and safety.”

In fact, from March 18-20 in Flagstaff, with over a foot of snow, the team was out doing “shoutreach.” Despite the challenges of weather and maintaining social distancing, the team was able to get four individuals out of the cold and into local shelters, plus 11 others into motels during the inclimate weather.

Among the new ways of reaching out:

  • Using non-threatening voice volume, called “shoutreach” to keep safe distances while approaching and checking on individuals.
  • Dropping off needed supplies including food-care packages from local food banks and water, at a distance.
  • Providing updates about the crisis.
  • Taking trash bags away.
  • Wearing and using protective safety gear like gloves and masks and applying sanitizer.
  • “We want to be sure we’re staying in touch to provide constantly changing referrals and information about local resources, and to give hope to those who have no indoors in which to quarantine,” Brust said. “We just to let them know we are here to serve.” For more information, visit

About Catholic Charities:

Founded in 1933, Catholic Charities provides care for the vulnerable of all faiths in central and northern Arizona through programs in foster care, early education, veteran services, refugee resettlement, and homeless outreach. Housing for Hope, a separate 501c3, is an affiliate of Catholic Charities and provides affordable housing. Learn more by visiting or Social connections include and

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