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Catholic Charities assists refugees and immigrants that are legally in the United States. Our Refugee Resettlement program supports refugees who flee their country of origin, often running from violence, war and persecution, to save their lives. They are granted refugee status by the United Nations due to a well-founded case of persecution and cleared for entrance to America by our Department of Homeland Security.

Our Immigration Legal Services team helps reunite those in the U.S. legally with minor children and spouses who remain in their country of origin. Many of those we assist are refugees — those granted refugee status by the United Nations and invited here by the U.S. Federal Government — to reunite with their spouses and minor children. We also help U.S. citizens and those with legal residency secure residency for their spouses and/or children.

Monday, 06 June 2016

We Are the World Appreciation Dinner

Written by Renee Targos

drummer Refugee Dinner 2016

More than 100 people attended the 17th Annual We Are the World appreciation dinner for refugees on Friday, June 3, at the Radisson Hotel in Phoenix. The night included several speakers from the Catholic Charities refugee community and unique entertainment that left the crowd feeling culturally rich from the diversity of the night.

henna hands Refugee Dinner 2016
Warda Hashi and Hawa Mohammed Osman provided henna art for the dinner guests.

Somali folk dancers Refugee Dinner 2016
Abdi Fidhin Fathi, Asha Omar, Asha Noor and a group of women performed Somalian folk dancing.

Hakartaw Blu Refugee Dinner 2016
Hakartaw Blu from Burma addressed the crowd with passion and powerful words on what it was like to be a young refugee in the United States.

Baho Inc Burundi singers Refugee Dinner 2016
These four Burundi singers of Baho Inc., packed meaningful lyrics into a hip hot beat that got the crowd clapping and dancing in their chairs.

Refugee womens community drumsong and dance circle refugee Dinner 2016 3

The Refugee Women's Community Drum/Song and Dance Circle took the stage and expressed themselves through drum beats from the Congo.

Tami and Jim Refugee Dinner 2016
Tamara Bohannan, Vice President of Advancement and her husband, Jim, got up close seats for the event.

Paul and Group Refugee Dinner 2016
Catholic Charities President Paul Mulligan and some refugee staff celebrated the night together.

Crowd 1 Refugee Dinner 2016
This dinner helps fund Catholic Charities work with with the more than 500 refugees and their families that come to Phoenix every year.

crowd 2 Refugee Dinner
Refugees bring a rich culture to our communities and also prove to be excellent students and contributors to our society.

Learn more about our refugee resettlement program or how you can help by calling 602-997-6105.  

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