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Catholic Charities foster care program helps qualified individuals and couples become licensed foster parents. Our case managers facilitate the initial training and continue to provide ongoing training, resources and support. We recruit and support foster parents, therapeutic foster parents, kinship foster parents and unaccompanied minor foster parents.

Monday, 24 April 2023

Woman Reflects on Her Time in Foster Care

When Lacey looks back on her childhood, she thinks of happy memories with her parents and siblings. Finding her forever family made the struggles of being in foster care worth it. And reflecting on her difficult upbringing reminds her of how far she’s come.

Entering Foster Care as a Young Child

Lacey was in foster care twice. The first time, when she and her siblings were removed from their biological mother, she was too young to recall most details.

She has memories of being placed in a group home with her younger sister, while her brother was placed separately. Lacey cried at the thought of her brother being all alone.

She later understood that they couldn’t be together because many group homes can’t mix genders. Eventually, Lacey and her siblings were reunited with their grandmother until their father was released from prison and able to get custody of them.

Returning to Foster Care

Then, one day while Lacey was at school, she was called to the principal’s office. She felt nervous because she thrived in school and never got into trouble.

When she arrived, a police officer was also there. He asked questions about her home life and her siblings. She was then taken to another room to wait with her brother.

Lacey’s stomach dropped when they learned they wouldn’t be returning home. She didn’t realize she and her siblings were experiencing abuse.

She remembers worrying about her younger sister, who was on a field trip. Her sister would be coming back to a whole different life with little to no warning.

Home Safe for the First Time

The siblings were told they would be placed in foster homes. The idea of being separated was terrifying. A foster home was located for Lacey’s brother right away, but it took longer to find homes for Lacey and her sister.

The foster home her brother would be going to was licensed through Catholic Charities’ Foster Care and Adoption program. The foster parents soon found out about Lacey and her sister and immediately asked for all three siblings to be placed with them.

When Lacey and her siblings were all placed together, the fear and uncertainty melted away. “I remember feeling [relieved] and nervous, but they welcomed us with open arms,” she said.

Becoming a Forever Family

After a few weeks, they asked if they could call their foster parents mom and dad. “All we wanted was to be adopted. It was the first time I truly felt safe. We wanted them to be our parents,” she added.

After two years, the family’s adoption of Lacey and her siblings was finalized. They were able to heal and build new, healthy attachments.

Now Lacey is a young adult with a family of her own. She values her family and the bonds she’s created. Her foster care journey has helped her appreciate what she has and be the best mother she can be.

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