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Catholic Charities has two programs to help individuals and families facing domestic violence. These programs help provide counseling, support groups, community resources. My Sisters’ Place, our confidential domestic violence shelter, serves individuals and families fleeing violence. The Pathways program is a community-based resource provider that helps victims of domestic violence in Maricopa County. This three-part team helps survivors by providing free counseling, support groups, and mobile victim advocacy.

Monday, 25 April 2022

Safer Way to File Protective Order for Domestic Violence Victims

Alicia Paddock, Program Manager at My Sisters’ Place. Alicia Paddock, Program Manager at My Sisters’ Place.

Victims of domestic violence turn to My Sisters’ Place for safety, encouragement, and empowerment skills. A recent partnership with the City of Chandler Municipal Court is making their transition a little easier.

Many survivors seek an order of protection from the court. However, there is a possibility of seeing their abuser while obtaining one, which can be traumatizing.

To mitigate this challenge, Chandler Municipal Court is enabling clients at My Sisters’ Place to file protective orders and be seen by a judge without appearing at the court in person.

My Sisters’ Place

My Sisters’ Place, our confidential domestic violence shelter, serves individuals and families fleeing violence. Families are housed in a private bedroom but share common living areas.

We provide safety planning, case management and skill/resource building to empower survivors to advocate for themselves and truly make a permanent change to their situation. In addition, we assist with after-care planning, employment, information and referral to transitional programs, affordable housing and furniture, food and other items.

Court Partnership

Beginning in February 2022, Chandler Municipal Court began using remote technology to maintain a continued element of safety for domestic violence victims without the need to leave My Sisters’ Place and come to court.

Court Administrator Ken Jung said, “We are focused on ensuring the safety of all patrons in domestic violence cases by leveraging technology to extend access to the court.” Chandler Municipal Court handles about 70 protective orders each month.

Increased Access

Seeing their abuser in court is not the only barrier to seeking a protective order. Many victims do not have access to transportation. Children are not allowed in court, so parents are required to secure childcare during that time as well.

This new ability to access protective hearings through technology allows survivors the option of obtaining court protection who might otherwise not be able to do so.

Alicia Paddock, Program Manager at My Sisters’ Place, stated, “Navigating the legal system as a victim can be complicated. It can be overwhelming. This is a step in the right direction.”

Community members that are interested in donating to My Sisters’ Place can check the Amazon Charity List.

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