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Catholic Charities believes that safe, affordable housing is the important first step to helping people overcome adversity, create stability and work toward a successful future. Our affiliate, Housing for Hope, has affordable housing communities for low-income individuals and families.

Catholic Charities Resident Services teams help residents by connecting them with community resources to and facilitating community events.

Friday, 18 March 2022

Paul Mulligan talks Affordable Housing on the McQuaid Mission

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Eric Sperling, STN host of the McQuaid Mission and Paul Mulligan, Catholic Charities President and CEO. Eric Sperling, STN host of the McQuaid Mission and Paul Mulligan, Catholic Charities President and CEO.

As the cost of rent and real estate rises, affordable housing is becoming more and more elusive. Arizonans are having to choose between paying rent and buying groceries or making the difficult choice between paying for medicine or keeping the electricity on.

Catholic Charities is committed to walking alongside our neighbors on the path to permanent solutions. In addition to our 20+ programs, our affiliate, Housing for Hope, is working to create more affordable housing inventory.

Recently, Catholic Charities President and CEO, Paul Mulligan, was featured on episode 29 of the McQuaid Mission, a series on Social Television Network (STN) dedicated to continuing the work of Mike McQuaid, who championed social issues and was an advocate for people experiencing homelessness. The McQuaid Mission airs every other week and explores issues and solutions surrounding homelessness and the leaders who are working together to make an impact to end homelessness.

In this episode, Paul acknowledged the shortage of affordable rents and implored individuals to stay the course, make the most of every resource, get on every list for housing, and most important, not to lose hope.

Learn more about how local nonprofit leaders are working together to end homelessness and promote affordable housing on the McQuaid Mission


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