“We were really looking at all these different agencies, Catholic Charities really came back with a good reputation, a lot of experience, which was really big for us, because we wanted to make sure they knew what they were doing, and they do.”  —Jared Wallace, Catholic Charities foster parent and father of 18 adopted, foster and biological children.

You can learn about becoming a foster care family or you can be a part of helping our foster care families by supporting our work. With 18,000 children in Arizona’s foster care system—it’s a crucial time to get involved.

As someone who gives a gift, you’ll help families learn to foster, adopt, mentor or advocate to support these vulnerable children. Foster care families will be strengthened to provide safe, nurturing homes for children to comfort them and build their confidence.

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By supporting these foster care families, you’ll be joining a community of men and women taking action to help our state’s most vulnerable children. You’ll help parents like the Wallaces that you saw in the video and other parents who need support to succeed in foster care.

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In 1933, Catholic Charities opened our doors in Phoenix to help vulnerable children. Now, our program helps hundreds of parents seeking to open their homes and provide care to foster children. Our staff are some of the most highly trained social workers in the state.

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