As a supporter of Catholic Charities foster care, we wanted you to be aware of the role we serve in this area.


1. PAYING FOSTER PARENTS—There are different levels of care provided by foster parents depending on the needs of the children in care, and Catholic Charities serves as a fiscal agent between the State of Arizona and foster parents. While the payments to foster care parents are made from Catholic Charities, the funds are provided by the State of Arizona to foster care parents to better care for children.

2. PLACEMENT OF FOSTER CHILDREN—While Catholic Charities works with foster care parents, we do not decide what children are placed with or taken out of foster care homes. Again, this responsibility falls on the State of Arizona.


1. WORKING WITH FOSTER CARE PARENTS—Catholic Charities provides education, coaching and support to parents who have been approved to provide foster care for children. This means we walk alongside of foster care parents, so they have the resources they need to succeed.

2. YOUR DONATIONS—So how are your donations used in foster care? You help provide our staff with resources that the State doesn’t cover, like extra funds for extracurricular activities for a child or providing backpacks for when children return to school. You can read about the great work we are doing with foster care parents on our foster care blog.