Arizona has more than 62,000 refugees, who have been forced out of their country of origin due to persecution of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership to a particular social group. These are hard-working, often educated people who are struggling to survive. You can help them be welcomed into our country by helping provide for them as they start to settle. When you partner with Catholic Charities, you’ll help provide refugees with support in getting settled into American culture.

Give Today!

By joining Catholic Charities, you can help these men and women start their lives over without the cold struggle of being alone in a foreign country without support. As a one-time or monthly giver, you’ll help provide for their needs as they rebuild their lives.


You’ll join a passionate community of people who are helping this international group of amazing men and women start their life over in the United States. You’ll bless them and bring the miracle of hope into their lives.

Help a refugee today!

Catholic Charities started its refugee program in 1975 in response to Vietnam refugees needing assistance as they fled violence. Today, Catholic Charities refugee programs serves thousands of refugees every year from all around the world. By providing support from meeting them at the airport to enrolling them in classes to learn English, refugees find themselves connected to a caring community as they begin getting acclimated to a new culture.

Would You Like to Help Afghan Refugees?

We graciously thank you for offering and extending your support to our Refugee Program during this time of need. Below are ways you can begin helping us online:

  • Our wish list on Amazon (These will get delivered to our Refugee office):
  • Donate online and ensure to select on "I want to impact:" Refugee Resettlement Services or Unaccompanied Minors/Refugee Foster Care" to ensure these funds go directly to these children/families. Donate Now
  • We have a few other ways that we are looking for support:
    • Donations of hygiene supplies and cleaning supplies for newly arriving families
    • Diapers in all sizes
    • Preparation of culturally appropriate food/gift cards to shops that offer halal foods

Donations can be delivered to
5151 N. 19th Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85015